A stag’s weekend never to forget!

A stag’s weekend never to forget!

You’re best friend gets engaged to the love of his life. You are thrilled and looking forward to the big day and to the pre wedding celebrations, the partying, the boozing, his last night of freedom, a crazy lad’s weekend away without his missus – The Stags. He inevitably asks you to be his best man and you happily take the honour of this title with pride and confidence. You’re delighted that you get to stand up on the alter next to your best mate, looking slick in your new suit, supporting him as he takes a step forward into his new life.

Weeks later it dawns on you suddenly that you have the responsibility of organising the party of the year, the party of his life, one that he should look back on with fond memories and never forget. Choosing a destination, inviting people, drawing up a budget, thinking of activities and the entertainment all seem very daunting… Here’s our guide to some of the best stag destinations to help you plan a stags weekend never to forget.

Albufeira, Portugal

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If you’re looking for sun, beaches, numerous activities and a great nightlife where you can party until the sun rises the following morning, then Albufeira in Portugal’s Algarve is the destination for you. Just a 40 minutes drive from Faro’s airport, Albufeira offers you golden beaches, great bars, restaurants and plenty of accommodation to choose from right in the heart of the resort. Albufeira is easy to get around and you’ll find everything you need within walking distance from your hotel. Some activities you can choose to organise for over the weekend include paint balling, quad biking, a booze cruise, go karting, golfing, banana boating, wake boarding, water skiing, deep sea fishing, clay pigeon shooting, to name but a few! After a day of activities a great way to get to know the night life Albufeira has to offer is to book on to a bar crawl. They will look after your group for the night, making sure to show you to the best bars, give out free shots, drink offers and free entrance to the hottest night club in town. How about booking something special for the groom, like a three-course meal followed by a lap dance, or a night at the casino before hitting the club?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is an obvious, popular choice for a stag’s weekend with its world famous red light district, relaxed smoking laws, chilled café’s, ‘space cakes’ and wild nightlife. There are also lots of daytime activities to do which are perfect for a lads weekend away such as play 5-a-side football, watch a football match in the Amsterdam Arena or do a tour of the stadium, go blow karting, indoor surfing or indoor snowboarding, play bubble football, do a tour of the local brewery or go paintballing. If you’re looking for something a bit more rowdy and want to step the party up a notch, then book onto a canal strip boat or a fire-breathing workshop followed by a red light photo shoot and a happy ending red light district tour.

Riga, Latvia

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Riga is without doubt one of the best party destinations in Europe and not to be overlooked when planning a stags weekend away. This city is beautiful, cheap, and easy to get around with plenty of exciting activities for the lads, some of which are not legal in our own country! In Riga you can shoot real guns, fly like a bird at Eastern Europe’s first vertical wind tunnel, bungee jump out of a cable cart, go beer biking, organise a stags arrest, go on a strippers yacht and if the stag falls in winter, Olympic style bobsleighing is not to be missed. If you and your mates are adrenalin junkies who love to party, then Riga is the place for you!

Carrick on Shannon, Ireland

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If you need to keep the stag party on a strict, tight budget and want to minimise the cost of flights, there are many great spots right here on our doorstep in Ireland. Carrick on Shannon is one of the best spots in Ireland for a stag’s party, with plenty of daytime activities to choose from, lots of pubs for drinking, nightclubs for partying and guaranteed craic! During the day you can organise the stags to go paintballing, shooting, soaring through the air on a zip wire, paddle boarding, karting, kayaking or canoeing, white water rafting, golfing, rage buggy driving, virtual racing, play bumper football or start the drinking early while sailing down the Shannon on a ‘booze cruise’.

Once you have your destination chosen the rest comes easy! There are many great companies out there that will organise everything for you from airport transport and accommodation to daytime activities, dinner and pub-crawls. Don’t forget a stag’s weekend away is not complete without some stag novelties, toys, pranks, custom made t-shirts and costumes!



Check out http://www.stagit.ie/ or http://www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk/ to help you plan, organsie and book your stag’s weekend. You can also order your stag novelties from theses sights.

For the best deals on flights to stag destinations across Europe go to http://www.ryanair.com/ or http://www.aerlingus.com/en-IE/home/index.jsp


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