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Passionate Supporters

We first became sponsors of Leinster back in 2005. At the time it had more to do with our love of rugby than for any great commercial plan. We thought the association would be ‘nice’ but really it would give us an excuse to go to a few more games!

We had no idea that we were really starting a journey that was to deliver so much emotion, fun, excitement, passion, friendships, pride, heart-aches, the whole lot! While we are very proud to be sponsors…we are die hard passionate supporters first and foremost!


Everyone likes to be associated with success but to be associated with success that is achieved the way that Leinster play and win is a privilege that not many other sports supporters get to experience.

“At Best Menswear we have a great appreciation of that! For David and I probably the best aspect has being the friendships formed and cemented over the years with Leinster. It is a hugely positive environment to bring families to and a great way for families and friends to spend time together.” – John Smith

A lot of the qualities that Leinster have developed over those years are, in my opinion, qualities that are required in business and indeed in every day life. Physical and mental toughness, courage, passion, vision, humility of course, style! They have it all in abundance and we like to think we have some of it too!

We have found the Leinster ‘back room’ team to be just as good as the playing team, they’ve been a real pleasure to deal with all the way through. Thank you all. We look forward to many more years working together and supporting each other.